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Changes to Membership

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Changes to Membership


Dear USECA Member,

This year USECA is celebrating 40-years of gymnastics service! Not only are we proud of this accomplishment but we are ushering in a new look and renewed vigor to support our gymnastics community. We have been very fortunate to have the support of some top level coaches and educators throughout our forty-year history and look forward to working with them in the future. For our newer coaches, welcome to a great organization! You will see a new logo, new membership tiers, new website, and more! Please take a moment to read through our new changes. Contact USECA if you have questions or comments…we are open to all inquiries.

In the past, USECA had three parts to its membership:

Voting Membership

Associate Membership

Video Club 


In years prior it was important to have these three memberships. But times have changed and we are changing to improve what we offer our members. We have moved our Journal and Videos online for quick and easy access. We have changed our website appearance with a new logo and design and most importantly, we have changed our membership tier.


USECA NEW Membership Tier

Individual Membership — $270 per year

Membership for one (1) individual member—Includes 10 online Journals and 8 to 10 online Video bundles (2 videos per bundle) per year. It also includes a USECA Member Shirt and calligraphy USECA Membership Certificate.

Club Membership — $369 per year

Membership for one (1 facility) Gymnastic Clubs—Includes 10 online Journals and 8 to 10 online Video bundles  per year. Club Membership allows multiple log-ins to the USECA web page containing the journals and videos. This allows the coaches of your club to have their own log-in to avoid sharing passwords. Log-ins may be added or closed if coaches join or leave your club. All emails (for each separate log-in) must have the same domain name. This membership also includes 2 USECA Member Shirts calligraphy USECA Membership Certificate (may order more shirts at additional cost).

Additional Services — Priced as Noted

Mailed copies of Journal — $30 per year

Mailed DVD copies — $15 per single DVD, $120 for the full year

Extra USECA Member Shirts — $35

Educational Materials — See website for full details and pricing

Thank you for your continued support. Because we are a membership base non-profit organization, we rely on your support of USECA. Please pass the word of our new look, new lower price structure and valuable educational material. We look forward to a great ‘new beginnings’!





Michael Guzman                                                                     Tony Retrosi

Sec/Tres USECA                                                                 President USECA