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Video Club News

John Min


On July 8-10, USAG National Congress and the Women’s Olympic Trials take place in San Jose, California. The Trials will be televised and available for online streaming, previewing America’s best female gymnasts on their road to Rio. National Congress brings together the best clinicians and coaches in the world to present the best techniques and lectures for our USECA video members. Please feel free to join our annual meeting and attend our Congress booth.

My video crew will be on hand to record and prepare the following lectures for the next video season. Expect the following lectures: How to Maximize Swing Technique in Uneven Bars, Tipping the Balance-Neural and Strength Drills, Decoding Fear, Teaching Flyaways and Giants, Elite Beam Routines, Casting and Clear Hip Circles, Yurchenko and Tsuk Vaults, Beam Acro, Lower Back Pain, Female Athlete Triad, Advanced Tumbling Skills, Injury Nutrition and Prevention, Training Elite Gymnasts, Beam Dance Skills, Full on Floor, Vault Handsprings, Biomechanical Techniques for Shaping Gymnasts, In-Bar Basics and Pirouetting, Floor Drills to Develop Leaps, Jumps, and Turns, Trampoline Training, Beam Complex, Choreography, Concussion Science, Stretching,  Advance Tumbling, Conditioning Circuits, Round offs for Yurchenkos, Importance of Back and Front Tumbling, and many more lectures which will be available through our DVD club, streaming, and additional purchase.

I wish to thank all our USECA members for their support, USA Gymnastics, all the lecturers, and support staff for allowing me the opportunity to film and present these lectures to you. I hope to produce a greatest series of lectures for the club as well as special panels and foreign lectures. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact me through USECA or my Facebook page. As always, I am eager to expand my own knowledge base, so if you have access to any great lectures or connections to clinicians, national programs, or international levels and wish to donate your footage or efforts, the entire USECA community would greatly appreciate your generosity and dedication.

Yours truly,

John Dae Min

USECA Video & Technology Chairman